We dedicate ourselves to helping our viewers with more than just knife making and forging. We help guide you in your home business. You will learn from the mistakes we have made in our endeavors, as well as what works. We will share knowledge, as we learn, in the efforts to build this site and make it successful for all of us. We are proud to have you in this with us and look forward to hearing your input on what we do. 

 We hope to soon have a one stop shop for everything you need in building knives. We plan to put all our research to work, in order to save you the trials and errors (wasted money and time) in finding the best equipment and suppliers for the money. 

We will soon have links to the relevant information you need for your steel. Chemical structures, characteristics, heat treating and tempering data, etc.

We are in this together.

God Bless,

Trojan Horse Forge