brandon henry

If I could give them 10 stars, I would! The quality and craftsmanship of the knife is top notch. He designed a hunting knife that was a gift for my son’s 13th birthday. I wanted something he could use for many years to come and this knife is right on point. It’s heirloom quality. Truly a piece of art! Highly recommend this awesome company!

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Introducing our rustic and super elegant GLADIATOR SERIES kitchen set. The inspiration for these beautiful knives came from Tuscany Italy and we wanted to capture a rustic Roman look and feel, right down to the wood used for the handle material. The handles are made from stabilized Bethlehem olive wood to bring the look and feel we were going for. The blades themselves were forged from 52100 steel and have slight hamones that contribute to their beauty without overpowering them. We wanted them to be humble, understated but sleek and striking. They are unique and differ from any other set you'll see out there in a great way. The steel tested out with an HRC  between 60 and 62 so they are easy to sharpen with a long lasting edge. Each blade was given a convex grind for performance and beauty. These Gladiators are perfectly suited for every day kitchen use in style. This set is the 1st edition in this line so there's bragging rights there too! Pick this set up to day before they are gone, you won't be disappointed. They make a perfect wedding, birthday, graduation gift or maybe, just a great addition to any kitchen where style, statement and performance really matter. We love them and will be sad to see them go, but we know they will find a happy home. Happy cooking from THF!




PREORDERS AVAILABLE SOON.  Our vises are built right here in the Heart of Texas.  Like many versions  of knife vises on the market today, this product was designed to take your handle finishing to a whole new level. Our vise however, sets us apart from the rest, with a feature you won't find anywhere else. Our quick connect Stabilrail blade sanding attachment allows you to maximize stability. Our stabilization system helps support the entire knife, including the tip. It allows you to access contours and compound bevels. Our stabilrail attachment upgrade comes included for a limited time. This vise will take your finishing game to a whole new level!



shawn vieira

The quality and craftsmanship of my knife is unbelievable. I am sure that in 40 years or so, it will be passed on to one of my children. I may have to get a couple more so each will get one in the will. You would be hard pressed to find a better quality mass produced knife at twice the price. This is truly a generational or legacy knife. I could go on for a while describing the wood, the metal, the balance, the shape and even the block used to store the knife. Hopefully a picture will do it justice. I am completely satisfied and will purchase more from Trojan Horse Forge. Job well done